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Deer Run's Current conditions showcasing trees, water, and the community adjacent to it


The former Deer Run Golf Course, now owned and maintained by Seminole County, is intended to be re­developed into a public recreation amenity and environmental asset. The County now intends to develop a conceptual design that affords both active and passive recreation and which is based upon accurate topographic information and the location of existing trees and fixed improvements. Improving water quality as it leaves the site and flows to Lake Jesup is of particular importance in the proposed design. The site topography lends itself to connecting on site water bodies and developing new man-made wetlands that act as filters, filter surface runoff before it leaves the site. The design solution will include boardwalks and pathways that connect the site and provide for interpretive educational opportunities.


Public meeting and design boards to allow the community to provide input

We want to know what you think! Visit the Participate page to participate in public engagement activities and learn about future virtual workshops and events 


Outdoor Public Walk in a community to explain the vision plan for the area

Seminole County is developing a vision for Deer Run Community Park. Learn more about the existing Deer Run site and explore the vision for Deer Run Community Park by visiting the Vision page.


Image of Deer Run's current conditions

Many factors and strategies need to be considered in order to effectively reimagine the former Deer Run golf course. Before we can consider what Deer Run can become we need to first look at the site conditions and what best practices exist for converting this site into a recreational amenity. Learn more about the current Deer Run site and history by visiting our Project Info page.


Check out the Resources page for project documents and previous presentations.

Additional Resources

Seminole County Trail Master Plan 2021 Update

Check out the Seminole County Trail Master Plan Update website for more information.

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